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  Title page of Terence with Three Commentaries, Milan, 1501

Humanism For Sale

Making and Marketing Schoolbooks in Italy, 1450-1650

Paul F. Gehl

Welcome to Humanism For Sale, which concerns the ways books were written, designed, printed, and marketed for schools in Renaissance Italy.

This started out to be a scholarly book, but I have decided to publish it as a blog instead. This dynamic form will allow me to present source documents in facsimile, and to revise, correct, and discuss my research with many potential readers. I am thinking of at least three groups:

Or you may wish to go directly to the quick summary, the abstract, or table of contents.

My reasons for publishing in this form are outlined in a Personal Statement. My background is summarized in a resume or Curriculum Vitae. Lots of people have helped me with this book and this blog; they are thanked in the Acknowledgements.

Feedback is welcome in the usual blog format. I invite comments from anyone, but I will necessarily work on the blog only as time permits.

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