PAUL F. GEHL: Curriculum Vitae


2016- Curator Emeritus, The Newberry Library
2013-2016 George Amos Poole III Curator of Rare Books, The Newberry Library
1987-2016 Custodian of the John M. Wing Foundation on the History of Printing, The Newberry Library
1984-87 Associate Director of Research and Education, The Newberry Library
1981-84 Assistant Director of Research and Education, The Newberry Library
1979-81 Visiting Lecturer in Christianity, Dept. of the History and Literature of Religions, Northwestern University
1978-81 Assistant Director, Religion and Ethics Institute, Inc.


1976 Ph.D. (History), University of Chicago
1972 M.A. (History), University of Chicago
1971 A.B. Classics, John Carroll University


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Robert Hunter Middleton, The Designer-Craftsman Speaks: Writings by Robert Hunter Middleton. Newtown (NSW, Australia): Opifex, forthcoming in 2024.


"Stanley Pargellis: Building a 'Scholar's Library' for Chicago," forthcoming in La Bibliofilía 125 (2024).

"Mid-century Opportunism in the Book Market: Newberry Librarians in Europe," forthcoming in Library and Information History 40 (April 2024).

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"La storia dei tipi può essere una buona storia?" Progetto grafico 1 (July 2003), 34-38. This talk, to ATypIRoma 2002, was republished in the original English as a book under the title A Meditation in Rome, 2012 (see above).

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Guest editor, history of design issue of InForm (quarterly journal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts / Chicago chapter), September 2001.

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Co-authored with Elizabeth Zurawski, "Incunables Bound By Elizabeth Kner: the 1950-51 Project for the Newberry," Guild of Bookworkers Journal 31 (1993), 1-35. Reprinted in Hungarian with new illustrations as "Inkunábulumok Kner Erzébet öteseben," Magyar Grafika 38 (1994), 19-25 and 37-47.

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A Bookplate By Eric Gill. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 1990. 8 pp.

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"Texts and Textures: Dirty Pictures and Other Things in Medieval Manuscripts," Corona 3 (1982), 68-77.

Co-authored (with Patricia Jobe), "Roma Illustrata: Maps in the Adult Education Classroom," Mapline 28 (1982), 1-2.

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"Yes, But Slowly; Translating Emilo Villa," The Decadent Review, July 2019: corpus/emilio-villa-in-english/

Various background essays (unsigned) for the Newberry's Italian Paleography site, live July 26, 2019:

"Huh? No. 30: An Interview with Paul Gehl," October 26, 2016. Perpetual Beta blog of the Vermont College of Fine Arts (

"A Contemporary View on Curatorial History: An Interview with Paul Gehl," Jan. 9, 2013. Tropisms blog of Adam Kallish (

"Hey, It's 2012 Already, Why Bother With Book History?" lecture at Wabash College, Oct. 23, 2012. YouTube.

"One Hundred Years of Poetry. Designing the Magazine, 1912-2012: A Detailed Look at Our Typographic History," illustrated essay for the Poetry Foundation website, Fall 2012:

"Newberry Minute: Calligraphy at the Newberry," June 16, 2011. YouTube.

"Newberry Minute: Apocalypsis Sancti Johannis (Block Book), June 6, 2009. YouTube.

"Typeface Extra Scenes: The Most Ambitious Wood Type in the World," outtake from the Kartemquin film Typeface, released on DVD in 2009, available on YouTube.

"Old Type/New Face: Digitizing a Classic Typeface," born-digital essay co-authored with designer/typesetter Paul Baker. On his website 1997-2013; no longer available.

LIBRARY EXHIBITS & CATALOGS (at the Newberry unless otherwise indicated):

Curatorial advisor, Renaissance Capitals from the Maywald Collection at the University of Minnesota, Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 2018.

Curator, Calligraphy is Always News, 2016.

Curatorial contributor, Ephemera by Design, Organizing the Everyday, 2015.

Curator, Chicago's Great 20th-century Bookman: The Newberry Career of James M. Wells (1917-2014), 2015

Curatorial contributor, Treasures of Faith: Twenty Years of Acquisitions, 2013.

Curatorial contributor, The Newberry 125, 2012.

Co-curator (with Barbara Korbel and Giselle Simon), Marbled Papers and Fine Bindings by Norma B. Rubovits, The Newberry Library, Chicago, 2010.

Co-curator (with Jenny Schwartzberg), Artifacts of Childhood: 700 Years of Children's Books at The Newberry Library, 2008-2009.

Catalog essay, "Nothing…About Books: Reading Textures in the Books of Anton Würth." In Anton Würth, in Form von Buch. Offenbach: Klingspor Museum, 2008. Pp. 20-25.

Curatorial contributor, Recent Acquisitions at the Newberry Library, 2008.

Local curator, Disbound and Disbursed: The Leaf Book Considered. Caxton Club, 2005.

Foreword, The Press at Colorado College: Pressroom as Classroom. Colorado Springs: Colorado College, 2004. Pp. 9-10.

Introduction, Inland Printers: The Fine Press Movement in Chicago, 1920-1945, Chicago: The Caxton Club, 2003. Pp. 5-13.

Catalog essay, "Something Added, Thoughts on Process," in Jerome Book Arts Fellowship Exhibition VII. Minneapolis: Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 2001. Pp. 4-5.

Curator, Florentine Humanism and the Church Fathers, 2000.

Curatorial contributor, The Joy of Collecting, Recent Acquisitions at the Newberry Library, 1999.

Curatorial contributor, Living Treasures of the Newberry Library, 1998.

Curatorial contributor, The Hebrew Renaissance, 1997.

Curatorial contributor and sometime juror, Explorations, the annual juried exhibit of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 1995 – 2016.

Co-curator, Personal Treasures: Favorite Books of Caxton Club Members, 1995.

Curator, A Century of Book Collecting and Book Loving in Chicago, Caxton Club centennial exhibit, 1995.

Curator, Ernst F. Detterer: Chicago Teacher, Designer and Collector, 1889-1947, 1990.

Foreword, Chicago edition of Fifteenth Century Italian Woodcuts from the Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna (Ravenna: Longo, 1989).

Co-curator (with Clark Hulse), An Uncommon Collector: Frederic Ives Carpenter (1861-1925), An Exhibit of Renaissance Imprints at the Newberry Library, 1986.

Curatorial assistant, Faith, Law and Dissent, The Inquisition in the Early Modern World, 1985.

Miniature exhibits in the Newberry Library spotlight series on Napoleon I & Josephine (2003), Papal Rome (2003), Second Empire Paris (2004), the Klaus Stopp collection (2004), Marie Antoinette (2005), Copyright Issues (2006), Multi-Lingual Typography (2007), Printed Ephemera (2008), Book Crimes (2010), Military Architecture (2011).


  • Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti (1993-94)
  • Newberry Library/British Academy Exchange (1989)
  • American Council of Learned Societies (1987-88)
  • American Academy in Rome (1977-78)

JURYING AND JUDGING for design and book-arts competitions of the Association of American University Presses, Chicago Book Clinic, Chicago Calligraphy Collective, Chicago Hand Bookbinders, Chicago Public Library, Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts, Guild of Bookworkers, Minnesota Center for the Book Arts.

BOOK REVIEWS have appeared in Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography, La Bibliofilía, Bulletin du Bibliophile, The CODEX Papers, The Decadent Review, Historiographia Linguistica, History of Education Quarterly, Italica, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Modern Language Review, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, Parenthesis, Printing History, Publishing Research Quarterly, Religious Studies Review, Renaissance Quarterly, Sixteenth-Century Studies, Speculum, etc.


Born: September 24, 1949 at West Bend, Wisconsin
Citizenship: U.S.A. (fifth-generation German-American)
Service: Current or past service on boards or committees of the American Printing History Association, Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Caxton Club, Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, Press at Colorado College, Religion and Ethics Institute, Seminary Co-op Bookstores, La Bibliofilía, Archivio italiano per la storia della pietà, Litterae Caelestes,
Contact: 312-255-3657


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