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Humanism For Sale
Making and Marketing Schoolbooks in Italy, 1450-1650

Paul F. Gehl


For Scholarly Specialists

Scholarly specialists in printing history and history of education - those who would "read" this "book" if it came out from a university press -- can use it like any scholarly book. There are only a few hundred readers of this sort out there, and many of you will get an e-mail from me announcing its "publication." My hope is that you will use the Comment Press feature to enter into a discussion of the interpretive issues with me.

You will probably want to start with the standard Abstract or Table of Contents. You can browse a list of Major Authors treated at length. Eventually I hope to provide alphabetical indexes; in the meantime specialists can also use a general search function.

There is a double Bibliography (323KB PDF file) of primary and secondary sources, and the usual footnotes, which also contain texts in Italian or Latin that appear in translation in the narrative.