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Humanism For Sale
Making and Marketing Schoolbooks in Italy, 1450-1650

Paul F. Gehl


Major Authors

The authors below are discussed at some length in Humanism For Sale. For other authors, use the search function. Eventually I hope to provide a full index.

Latin authors:
Terence (Publius Terentius Afer)
Donatus (Aelius Donatus, 4th century A.D.)
Pseudo-Donatus (the 12th or 13th century author of a popular textbook)
Pietro Aaron
Andrea Alciati
Manuel Alvares, S.J.
Heinrich Glareanus
Guarino Guarini Veronese
Antonio Mancinelli
Jean Pellisson
Niccolò Perotti
Jan De Spauter

Italian authors:
Lodovico Arrighi
Pietro Borghi
Pietro Cerone
Giovanni Antonio Tagliente
Giovambaptista Verini