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Humanism For Sale
Making and Marketing Schoolbooks in Italy, 1450-1650

Paul F. Gehl



Humanism For Sale online is a project of the Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies; I owe profound thanks to its staff both present and past. The Newberry's IT and Photoduplication departments have also been essential to its success. Actually getting the book up online was the labor of Rob Carlson, until recently the Web Development Manager of the American Library Association. ALA granted Rob a sabbatical in fall of 2008 to undertake this and other volunteer projects. I am deeply grateful to Rob's colleagues there and to the broadly enlightened policies of that important professional association.

The research for this project began with a fellowship from Harvard University's Center for Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti, for which I am also very grateful.

Thanks are also due to many other individuals who have helped with this project. I think of my gratitude in large and overlapping categories, as below. Individuals appear here in only one category, but I trust that many will know they have helped in more than one way. No such list can ever be exhaustive. There are just too many people out there who help without even knowing it.

Research help, both specific and general: Luigi Balsamo, Piero Bellettini, Christian Coppens, Mark Crane, Susan Fagan, Alison Knowles Frazier, Juri Meda, Paola Monacchi, Angela Nuovo, Patricia Osmond, Maria Grazia Nico Ottaviani, Daria Perocco, Silvia Rizzo, Ennio Sandal, Joel Sartorius, Elissa Weaver, Michael Wyatt. Many, many other librarians and archivists along the way.

Material and technical assistance, and fruitful exchanges of ideas: Susan Barron, Max Barry, David Becker, Dakota Brown, Lydia Cochrane, Patricia Crain, Matthew Doherty, William Drendel, Gökhan Ersan, Stephen Farrell, Michelle Frisque, Jill Gage, Catherine Gass, Alan Grieco, James Grossman, Drin Gyuk, Wendy Husser, Robert Karrow, Doug Knox, Alan Leopold, Heather Malec, Sara Matthews, Yossi Maurey, Leo Minnito, Megan Moore, Matteo Motolese, Franca Petrucci Nardelli, Carol Neel, Armando Petrucci, Mary Quinlan-McGrath, Massimo Rossi, Emilio Russo, Paul Saenger, Bart Smith, Andrew Steadham, Justin Steinberg, Italo Vacca, Demetrio Yocum, Gabriella Zarri, Carla Zecher, Robin Zurawski.

All of the above: Paul Kobasa, Diana Robin, Kevin M. Stevens, Robert Williams

Above all: Rob Carlson